The 411 on Antique Venetian Beads

Antique Venetian beads, also called Murano beads, have their origins in Venice in the late 1800s. They are particularly known for their high level of craftsmanship, which makes them precious to bead collectors and antiques enthusiasts.

The main material for antique Venetian beads is glass, and the beads were used for trade and as ornaments for the people of Italy. As these beads spread throughout Europe, they began to appear on English doorknobs and paperweights, working their way to becoming prized beads in decorative arts. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets made from Venetian beads also were popular in the early days.

A popular design for antique Venetian beads is flowers, made intricately through a process of heating and cooling the glass. Such flowered Venetian beads are available in vivid colors to enhance their appeal and value. They have now become a collector’s item for antique Venetian beads.

Popular uses for antique Venetian beads

Since antique Venetian beads are especially unique, they make great additions to your beaded jewelry. You can find one antique Venetian bead as the centerpiece on a bracelet or necklace, put together with other types of antique beads to create stunning jewelry.

Antique Venetian beads can also be found on prized items collected from old home decorations. Lamps and vessels are common, decorated with antique Venetian glass beads to make them more beautiful and valuable.

Also, your antique Venetian beads make excellent gifts. You could make custom jewelry for your friends and family, and they are sure to appreciate the effort. However you choose to use your antique Venetian beads, it is always a pleasure to have them as part of your collection.

Shapes, colors and designs of antique Venetian beads

Antique Venetian beads come in beautiful colors, such as red, turquoise, gold, pink and white. Some beads are also decorated, having their own designs on the beads themselves, adding to their color and beauty.

They can also be round, square, or tube shaped antique Venetian beads to give you even greater variety. Even cube shaped Venetian glass beads can be found, and they make especially unique earrings and bracelets. Such diverse shapes and colors have made antique Venetian beads a loved commodity wherever they are found.

You do not have to go to Italy to find antique Venetian beads

There are many ways to obtain the prized and ancient Venetian beads. Online antique jewelry stores are a convenient way of finding these beads, although you must be careful to avoid buying imitations.

Antique stores across the country are another source of antique Venetian beads. Such stores give you more opportunity to look and feel the beads before making a purchase, as well as the advice of experts concerning their origins and value.

Of course if you plan a trip to Italy someday, antique Venetian beads can be one of your souvenirs from the magnificent country. You may be lucky to hear the stories behind the beads from the people of Venice to enhance your knowledge of the subject.

Other types of antique Venetian beads

Several other styles of antique Venetian beads are available for you. Hot stamped antique Venetian beads are the first type. These come with beautiful floral designs that appear inside the beads. Hot stamped Venetian beads are mostly in antique glass beads because of their translucent nature.

Appliqué Venetian beads are also another type of antique Venetian beads. Appliqué refers to the style of layering one pattern over the next to create more detailed designs. You can find blue antique Venetian beads decorated with gold and silver foil. Appliqué beads are usually more expensive because of the intricacy of design that has been maintained over hundreds of years.

Millefiori beads are among the most popular antique Venetian beads. These are named after the flower designs that they are based upon. The technique involved creating glass rods that have layer after layer of different colors and shapes of glass. These rods are then cut into small beads which result in circular or round beads with colorful flowers in them.

These types of antique Venetian beads are the most sought out Italian beads to date. If you want to get some of these beads for your collection, contact an antique jewelry specialist to show you the ideal types of antique Venetian beads for you.

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