Antique Prayer Beads: Used by All Cultures

Antique prayer beads hold possibly the most significance to their owners: they were used to connect them with a higher power. Almost all ancient belief systems had their prayer beads, and with the changing times, these beads have become antiques to be sought after by religious individuals worldwide.

Prayer beads were found in ancient Greek beliefs, Islam and Christianity. They were made from bone, stone, metal and glass and came in different names, lengths and significance.

Antique prayer beads in Ancient Greece

Prayer beads find their origins in Ancient Greece as “worry beads”, or “kolomboi.” They were used to calm believers when life became worrisome and unpredictable. These beads are the rarest of all prayer beads mainly because they were adapted into other forms of religion.

Antique prayer beads or worry beads were made out of bronze or coral, and came in all shapes and sizes. The worry beads have an odd number of beads and were smoothened to fit the owner’s hand and turn smoothly to relieve stress and anxiety.

Antique prayer beads among Christians

Orthodox and Catholic Christians also had prayer beads. The Orthodox priests had their prayer beads as part of their uniforms, and they still do to this day. Each bead on their strand was a prayer offered to God. Catholics had prayer beads which are called “rosaries”, which were used to recite prayers especially during the Easter season.

Today, antique prayer beads hold a great meaning to Christians because they represent their forefathers in their faith. Remembering their experiences and persecutions restores their beliefs in God and keeps them stronger. Finding antique prayer beads and learning the history behind them can be a great moment in a Christian’s life.

Antique prayer beads among Muslims

Prayer beads in Islam are still a great part of spirituality, as each bead represents a petition or thanksgiving prayer mentioned to God. Other times, each prayer bead is one of the 99 names of God, which are recited to inspire Muslims in their faith and keep their reverence for God alive.

Antique prayer beads held the same significance to Muslims as they do for Christians in that they remember those that preceded them in the faith and motivates them to stay strong.

Where to find antique prayer beads

In many cases, antique prayer beads can be found online from religious gift stores or jewelry makers, accompanied with the history of the particular beads to enhance their value. These beads’ ability to soothe and calm your nerves make them popular even among unreligious individuals, so you can always get them for yourself or for a friend.

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