Identify and Shop for Antique Metal Beads

Antique metal beads can be made out of silver, copper, brass, gold or metal alloys of tin. Metal beads were popular in ancient France and Greece, and spread to Africa through the Ancient Egyptian civilization.

Antique metal beads are quite difficult to come by because it took a lot of expertise and labor to create them. Other types of beads emerged that were easier to make and just as valuable, so craftspeople ceased making metal beads.

The most common antique metal beads you can find today are from the 18th century, and finding metal beads from the Victorian era, the 19th century, is quite a treat. Antique metal beads are also rare because of the effect of time and rust on them, so to get beads in their pristine condition is also difficult.

Identifying Antique Metal Beads

When you do come across antique metal beads from a jewelry dealer, it is important that you know what authentic beads look and feel like.

The first thing is that antique metal beads are usually quite heavy in weight compared to modern metallic beads. This is because of the rudimentary techniques and tools of creating metal beads that were used in the past, which left little room for processing the metals to pure form.

Another aspect to look for in antique metal beads is any signs of aging. Antique metal beads may have been polished in the restoration process to give them their shine, but genuine metal beads are never too bright or shiny. A dullness in color and brightness is a sign of authenticity, and this should be accompanied by features such as scratches and minute dents on the beads due to wear.

You also need to familiarize yourself with the changes that metals undergo with time, especially in color. Copper, for example, turns green when oxidized, while silver loses its shine. This helps you to identify genuine antique metal beads when they are presented to you. Also know about modern or processed metals such as aluminum that may be used to make imitation beads.

Antique Metal Beads In Today’s World

Bead collectors and jewelers understand the impact that antique metal beads can have on their wearers. The Victorian age made metal beads popular with both laymen and royalty, increasing their value immensely.

Antique metal beads can also accompany modern fashion by adding that rustic touch to your outfit through earrings, bracelets and pendants made from antique metal beads. You can have a professional jeweler create custom jewelry from your antique metal beads by combining them with different types of colorful beads according to your taste.

Antique metal beads are available in different shapes and sizes, and their colors match the metals they are made from. You will rarely get antique metal beads that are colored or painted.

The shapes can me numerous, with flower shapes or butterfly shapes making beautiful additions to any bracelet or earrings. Remember, however, that the more intricate the design of the metal beads, the more expensive they will be.

You can find antique metal beads from authorized jewelers who can verify the age of the beads and give you good value for your money today.

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