A Favorite African Trade Bead: Antique Chevron Beads

by on December 1, 2009

Antique chevron beads which are in very high demand. An example of an antique chevron bead is shown below.


These beads come in different shapes and color, but they are similar in their make, their size and their style. A standard antique chevron bead measures about an inch in length and about half an inch in width. Below is a bead besides a ruler for comparison purposes.


People buy these beads for several reasons. The main reason is that women buy them as an accessory. These beads go well with most clothes and they can be worn in formal gatherings and in an informal setting. Chevron beads, even antique ones, are cheaper compared to other jewelry such as gold or diamonds and they are just as stylish.

Some people buy antique chevron beads as a collector’s item. Antique beads, just like other antique pieces of art, are rare and there is a thriving trade of beads as collector’s items. Some people collect them so that they can cash in when the price rises later on, some collect them for sentimental reasons, and some collect them as a hobby.

People buy these beads as gifts to their loved ones. Beads make great gifts and they are advantageous in that they can be used for anniversaries, for weddings, for birthdays, and for several other occasions. However, you should ask about the person’s preference before buying because they come in different shapes and colors – what suits one person may not suit the next.

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